Invisible Friends

After so long

Assalamualaikum :)

So, this is my first post for 2017. Lol. It's already July. Just 2-3 posts per year. What a sad life. Before this, I'm quite an active blogger but now.... :") I'ts okay man. At least I'll try my best to find the mood to write up this post. Hahaha. And I made it gaissss *big clap for myself pls* :p

Okay, 2017? I'm officially 21 years old and I'm a DEGREE student. Alhamdulillah. So many things happened and changed. I'm going to finish my first year degree and only two years left. Oh, wait. I forgot to mention. I'm taking Bachelor Business Administration (Islamic Finance). Guess what? Same university, unijaaa :)))))))))))

What about the love of my life? In my post before (which is last year in September hahaha), I wrote about to let go or not. And I didn't. I stayed. I don't really know why I came out with that decision, I just what we call- serah kepada Qada' and Qadar. Haaa like that laaa. Never mind. That is not my main goal right now. To finish up my degree and get job is what I aimed for.

So, I think that's it for now. Surely I'll write up again. Maybe another 2-3 months later or a year? Hahaha. Got to go. Have a nice day! 

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